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Tracy McGregor was born in Berlin Heights, Ohio in 1869. During his high school years he assisted his parents, Thomas and Elizabeth in founding and operating the Helping Hand Mission in downtown Toledo, Ohio.

In 1890 Thomas decided to open a similar mission for the homeless and needy in Cadilliac Square in downtown Detroit, Michigan. Following the untimely death of his father just three weeks after the Mission opened in April 1891. Tracy left Oberlin College to take over the operation of the Mission.

For the next 45 years Tracy was intimately involved with the Mission for the Homeless Men, later renamed the McGregor Institute. During those years, Detroit was one of the nation’s leading industrial centers and the automobile capital of the world, and the Mission provided food and lodging for more than 700,000 men. It also assisted thousands of needy and destitute Detroiters in finding work. The institute closed in 1935 when the federal and state governments took over the care of the indigent during the Great Depression.

This collection of photos depicts the operation of the Mission and the men who were helped.